Greece’s “Colourful School” against homophobia and racism

The Πολύχρωμο Σχολείο (Polychromo Sholeio, Rainbow School) was established in Athens in 2009 to operate as a team of encouragement for LGBT+ school educators. Over time, it evolved into an activist group with a strong base of members from the educational sector, the Humanities and Social Sciences, Psychology, and the LGBT+ community, seeking to effect institutional changes for more inclusive schools.

After ten years of efforts combatting all types of distinctions in education, the Rainbow School obtained legal recognition and support, in order to expand its project.

The Rainbow School’s agenda promotes: 

  • elimination of sexually-oriented discriminations and distinctions, and acknowledgement of gender identity and self-determination in the Greek educational system;
  • awareness and support for educators;
  • improvement in education (inclusion and citizenship, respect of human rights, a culture of critical thinking);
  • institutional guarantees for inclusion in the Greek education system;
  • more determined action from legal authorities and the media, with emphasis on transparency and accountability;
  • training of the educational community, the media and other sectors.

Rainbow School members conduct research and seminars on LGBT+ issues, produce educational course materials, and cooperate with various collectives and other sectors, with a view to combatting stereotyped attitudes and in general educating teachers, students, parents and the larger community in LGBT+ issues, and as a way of consolidating continuity of institutional support.

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This post contributed by the Greek team of Aggeliki and Panagiotis — Ευχαριστώ, ομάδα!

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