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Building inclusive, LGBT+ friendly schools requires policies, practices and a sound pedagogical approach. It also requires stimulating an open and positive attitude among parents,
pupils and teachers towards those who might be different from them. Encouraging people to empathise with others, to reflect and (re)consider their position, their actions and their
words, is an ambitious objective. To achieve it, personal connections must be made. People must be invited to see the person behind the sexual identity or orientation.

To inspire those connections, All Inc! will turned to storytelling. The power of stories needs little further proof. Stories allow us to explore issues we might not otherwise be comfortable
with, to convey messages that are difficult to relate more explicitly, and to build an intuitive understanding.

All Inc! invited all of its community members to participate in storytelling, whether by sharing one, listening to one at one of the proposed events, or read one in peace as they are
shared on the All Inc! Hub. The overall objective of this output is to promote the acceptance of inclusion by sharing real life stories with which people can identify. All Inc! aims to ‘go
viral’ by going beyond the participating institutions, to get personal stories on inclusion taken up at regional, national and international level.

A selection of these stories you can find below in different formats.

You can find more storytelling output on our instagram page and you can view our Youtube Channel here.

Video Stories

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