“Pride without prejudice”, plus a new initiative

AllInc!’s Justyna makes a double contribution to this blog — bardzo dziękuję Justyno!

11 June 2022 Equality Parade in Wrocław – we are going for equality

The parade on June 11, 2022, which took place in Wrocław, was held under the slogan We demand the right to all family life and Pride without prejudice. The Equality March is not only a festival of pride, but also a protest against discrimination against LGBT+ people in Poland. The organizers made seven demands: 

  • We demand an immediate end to the propaganda of hatred in the public space, flowing from the government media, the Sejm rostrum, church pulpits, buses and billboards! 
  • We demand an amendment to Article 119 of the Criminal Code and the addition of homophobia, transphobia and hate speech against LGBT+ people as grounds for discrimination – such voices were heard from the stage! 
  • We demand resignation from the procedure of laws that are created only to make life difficult for people who are looking for their happiness in Poland and abroad! 
  • We demand the whole of life in full the right to happiness, to family life, the right to marry, to adopt children, the right to recognize the families we are building! 
  • We demand the simplification of legal and medical procedures in the process of gender reconciliation for transgender people. 
  • We demand that non-binary people be recognized in the law and their identity noticed! 
  • We demand asylum for refugees, as well as the opening of borders for people who, saving their own lives, are fleeing their countries.

Narratives of parents of adult transgender children in Poland

Led by Justyna Ratkowska-Pasikowska (University of Lodz) and her team, the “O stawaniu się” (“About becoming”) project was launched last January. It is devoted to the narratives of parents of adult cross-sex children, and its main goal is to reconstruct the experiences of parents of adult transgender children. The analysis and interpretation of specific strategies for overcoming difficulties by parents of transgender children will provide a space for social dialogue. Empirical data will be obtained through narrative (biographical) and free, in-depth interviews with parents. Visit the project website (link)!

Top picture source Wikimedia Commons — Bottom picture provided by author.

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