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A Little Respect? LGBT+ Perspectives on Education from Across Europe
Waxmann Verlag (2022)
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Discrimination against the LGBT+ community persists across Europe. Education is not immune to this: young people across the continent continue to experience homophobic and transphobic behaviour in schools. Our All Inc! publication provides education practitioners and policy makers with historical perspectives, trends in educational practice, and reflections on desiderata for the future.

This publication was developed as part of the All Inc! project, an ERASMUS+ KA2 partnership (2020-2023) funded by the European Commission and implemented by 16 educational institutions in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Spain. The project’s core aim is to encourage awareness, understanding, and inclusion of the LGBT+ community within and beyond the school gates as well as to reflect on what is needed in the future for an educational approach that is fit for purpose in contemporary society.

In many ways, this publication is a challenging read. There is much room for improvement still, and some of the historical and contemporary barriers faced by the LGBT+ community are difficult to confront. But the comparative and country studies collected here show that there is also hope, progress, and a range of small and large steps taken successfully. Together, they speak to what can be done — to what each of us can do, in our own community, to treat everyone with the respect they deserve.  

We invite you all to explore this publication. We hope you will learn, find food for thought, and take with you the ideas that inspire.  

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Happy reading!  
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