Just Be You

Key themes

Feedback loop

What is it

Introductory lesson to LGBTQI+ Inclusivity and Gender Identity.

  1. Information for Staff Development (a presentation that is to be taught to staff before being delivered to students, which includes terminology from Stone Wall for staff use).
  2. PowerPoint lesson to be delivered by staff to student.

• To make clear the consequences of homophobic and transphobic comments and to explore that these types of jokes are not banter and not acceptable.
• To show support to our LGBTQ+ students and allies that they are welcome here, but homophobia and transphobia is not!

How to use it

Firstly, staff need to be guided through the PowerPoint, and they have an opportunity to ask questions so they feel comfortable, confident, and fully prepared to teach the PowerPoint to students.

Secondly, staff are to use the PowerPoint (after training) to teach students.

Thirdly, using the staff that have taught these lessons, staff are to evaluate and decide what next steps are needed based on student feedback and reaction.