Understanding people

Understanding people

Key themes

• Gender
• Empathy
• Inclusion
• Learning
• Vocabulary
• Visibility

What is it

Follow on lesson/tool to LGBTQ+ Inclusivity and Gender Identity that was built upon on the previous tool for schools “Just Be You”.

  1. Information for Staff Development (a presentation that is to be taught to staff before being delivered to students, which includes terminology from Stone Wall for staff use).
  2. PowerPoint lesson to be delivered by staff to students.

• To build on knowledge of gender and gender identity that has already been taught/discussed from the previous tool for school (Tools for Schools 1a).
• To show support that LGBTQ+ people are welcome here and transphobia is not.
• To educate and dispel some myths and misconceptions around the topic of gender and identity

How to use it

Firstly, the PowerPoint is to be shown to all staff before teaching. This will give staff the opportunity to come to the next staff training/meeting with questions and/or concerns about the resource. We need staff to be confident, comfortable, and ready to teach this PowerPoint to the best of their abilities.

Secondly, this PowerPoint is to be taught to secondary school ages (11-16).