Research about the family life of LGBTI+ people by Jara Van Wiele on behalf of çavaria

Her research resulted in guidelines for the future work from Çavaria (the Flemish advocate of LGBTI+ people and umbrella of LGBTI organizations) on support for families where one or more children are LGBTI+.

The well-being of LGBTI+ people is higher when they experience support within their immediate social environment, such as their family and friends. This social support strengthens the health of LGBTI+ persons.

Providing clear and accessible information to their immediate environment, can play a role in the prevention of health problems, but what if things go wrong? In what ways can we intervene if a LGBTI+ child no longer feels welcome at home? Focusing on intervention, in combination with prevention, is of great importance. In addition to the greater risk of health problems, the lack of social support, can lead to loneliness?

The research report looks at which steps have already been taken and which steps can still contribute to supporting families of LGBTI+ persons in Flanders.

The report is available on and here.

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