All Inc! – A flashback

As AllInc! draws to a close, our project’s leader Oliver looks back on the work that has been completed and the goals we have reached — bedankt Oliver!

Between September 2020 and August 2023, 16 partner institutions from eight European countries have focused on the topic of “Building LGBT+ friendly schools”.

After three years, this Erasmus+ project comes to an end.

We look back on three intensive years in which a high amount of knowledge was exchanged and great material was developed, good collaborations were formed, and new initiatives were taken for further bilateral and multilateral projects.

Throughout the project, numerous didactic materials have been created to sensitise the younger generation on LGBT+ topics. The project team looks forward to further dissemination of these materials.

The material was tested in the partner countries. All country reports on these tests are available on our website, as are the resulting recommendations at the national and European levels.
We welcome your feedback and ideas!

We are also happy to refer to our multiplier event, which we organised in Munich in May of this year. There is more information available on the website.

Finally, our country studies and comparative analysis should also be highlighted. Our publication A Little Respect? LGBT+ Perspectives on Education from across Europe summarises the findings of these studies.

As the project evolved, we realised that many initiatives were being carried out, and are still being organised. But we are also aware that there is still a lot of work to be done. We are confident that our project’s results will be a significant contribution to the evolution on this topic.

And from the webmaster — congratulations and a special thank you to all the project’s participants and our social networks’ visitors!

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