Follow suit, or (in Dutch) “confessing colours”

Although commemorated a short time ago this last fall, it’s still very much worth mentioning that in the city of Leeuwarden —the capital of the Dutch province of Friesland— the rainbow flag was raised by members and supporters of #All Inc! A “small” yet important token after four year’s political lobbying by members of Friesland Colours, to finally make this happen. All the more so since the national celebration of sexual diversity named Pink Saturday —better known as Gay Pride— was scheduled to take place in Leeuwarden as well. (Due to Covid this has been postponed to next year, pending a positive return to a more or less normalised society.)

Among those who participated in raising the rainbow flag were a few young students from the Piter Jelles !mpulse secondary school, where inclusion is considered one of its main pillars. Two of those pupils also act as the school’s ambassadors for #All Inc!

To further support the cause, they will join other European pupils in an effort to co-create a Storytelling Event, hoping it will go viral. As social media erases boundaries that still exist on a regional, local or national scale, it is the obvious choice for young people to exchange information, communicate and share stories.

Some stories have the power to impact a person, shape who they can become or how they deal with life. In many cultures, storytelling is of great importance to unite people and to make one seen and heard.

It is one of the hopes of #All Inc! to include pupils to help shape and be influential in crossing borders —both physical and cultural— and connect people in surprising yet positive ways!

This post contributed by the Dutch team of Ernesto Lemke and Ralph de Jong — bedankt team!

Link to !mpulse Leeuwarden Instagram here.

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