AllInc! reaches a wider audience in Gibraltar

Fresh from the Cádiz meeting, AllInc’s Zoltan travelled to nearby Gibraltar to deliver a public lecture on “Law in Schools – Challenges in Teacher Training”.

From the event’s description: “What are the challenges affected by the law, which currently influence teachers’ activity? Do teachers know and understand that their pedagogical activities also have legal aspects? How can they educate their students to think critically and in parallel, know and follow the legal regulations? How can teacher training prepare future teachers when facing such challenges?”

Zoltan’s presentation discussed examples of legal violations that can appear in a school’s daily life such as black pedagogy or bullying, as well as the possible sources of these violations, such as digitalization, migration, sexual orientation, etc. Zoltan took the opportunity to let his audience know about our project — köszönöm szépen Zoltán!

LINK to University of Gibraltar’s press release.

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