AllInc! goes to Cádiz!

Now that Europe is on the way to recovery from the complications of Covid-19, our latest project meeting thankfully could take part physically. For the most part, all participating countries were able to represent their educational institutions and travel all the way to the south of Spain to meet on the beautiful peninsula of Cadiz. Situated in the older part of this millennia-old city, the University of Cadiz hosted 22 project partners at the beautiful Faculty of Medicine, with another 13 colleagues joining us online.

Dedicated once again to taking the next step towards achieving a better understanding of, and more tolerance towards, LGBTQ+ issues, inclusion and diversity, a full day of intercultural exchange took place in quite a chilly but beautiful boardroom. The temperature inside was in stark contrast to the beautiful weather outside, but the dedication of all participants cannot be overstated. To express yourself in English, next to listening, to what are very sensitive issues in a language that for most people is not their native tongue is quite tasking. Yet, the insights gained in each country’s specific situation —from the Netherlands to Spain to Poland and so on— accompanied with all the cultural nuances and differences, drives home the importance of the work.

A lot of work still lies ahead, but it is very encouraging to establish how much work has already been done and the project is on track with its established goals and mission statement. If anything, the fatigue is very much worth the investment, especially since it is all for a greater cause than each of the participants could achieve individually.

Also, the very dynamic of the Project’s composition is something to consider. The success of a project very much depends on people, no matter how noble the cause. The amount of respect, the willingness to be respectful and to be genuinely interested in other people’s perspectives can only underline the potential for human growth that crosses cultural and geographical borders. Identity, age and background play no other role than adding something of value to the mix. How, then, can it not be considered a success?

Till we meet again!

This post contributed by Ernesto from AllInc!’s Dutch team — erg bedankt!
Photos are available from our social networks.

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