It’s that time of the year…

… when our colleagues from the ES2 team share with us all the exciting activities they organize to commemorate Pride. Here’s their press release:

For the second year in a row, the Fernando Quiñones Secondary School in Chiclana celebrates a week devoted to the visibility of sexual diversity (LGTBIQ+ Pride Week), this time under the motto “Vive/a la diferencia” [wordplay on “(Long) Live Diversity”]. Activities begin on Monday May 16 during recess, with the painting of t-shirts vindicating diversity, and end on Friday 20 with the raising of the rainbow flag, a reading of the manifesto, and communal Zumba dancing for diversity.

Throughout the week we will hold workshops, a Pinfunvote (co-educational sport) match, and a drag king and drag queen makeup master class. Representatives from LQTBIQ+ associations will also visit, to reflect on the importance of diversity in our democratic society. Tutorials will be energized by the students who are part of the LGTBIQ+ diversity group, strongly involved in our school’s work that also has international projection as part of an Erasmus plus “AllInc!” pan-European network (16 schools and universities from eight different countries).

It is important to keep up the work of visibility, and inclusion, of all the realities that constitute our educational community, because otherwise the lives of many people will become more difficult and less livable. We are diverse and that diversity enriches us, so we will continue working for education, awareness and reflection in this complex but vital society of ours.

¡Gracias a Nuria y Elena por este mensaje!

UPDATE: We now have pictures and videos of some of the week’s events.

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