“All Inc!” project in German “Queer Mentor” podcast

AllInc!’s Philipp Aigner, from our DE2 team, was recently interviewed in an episode of the “Queer Mentor” platform’s podcast. The “Queer Mentor” initiative seeks to connect young queers with experienced queer mentors of various professional backgrounds in order to build a support network. In the podcast episode, which raises the question of whether schools in Germany can be considered safe spaces, Philipp talks about still existing challenges and boundaries for LGBT+ people in education, be it students or teachers. In this context he specifically describes the aims and impacts of “All Inc!” and vividly describes the exciting but also challenging aspects of working in a diverse European team. 

The episode (in German) is available on a number of platforms: Podigee, Spotify, Audible (Amazon).

Link to Queer Mentor platform here.

Danke Philipp für den ersten von zwei Posts, die du mit uns geteilt hast!

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