All Inc! goes to Greece!

Heated. That about sums up the meeting in sunny Greece on the island of Lesbos.

Heat itself is not a bad thing, nor am I suggesting that things didn’t work out or that there was any animosity. Heat is the byproduct of friction, isn’t it? And whilst not everyone may perceive things the same way —even when the intention is devoid of negativity— friction may still occur. It is quite a task to adjust and manage so many different viewpoints that are fuelled culturally, geographically, generationally and so on, and for all to come away feeling it was a productive meeting. What constitutes “being productive” itself is variously conceptualized, culturally. In that respect you could say that, if only solely due to that fact, the meeting was, yet again, a success.

Then of course, lame as it sounds, it was heated due to the temperature. Our wonderful colleagues in Greece did an excellent job being supportive and gracious hosts, but it was still very hot… Of course, they are way more accustomed to the climate than most other partners, but we cannot put the beautiful weather on them!

Concluding on a personal note: heated because I got sunburned…. but evidently that was solely on me. Stupid.

Bedankt Ernesto (NL2-team) voor het verstrekken van deze samenvatting van de bijeenkomst! (En beter worden van de zonnebrand!)

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