“Sometimes I can’t find myself”

All Inc’s Spanish team (thank you Nuria!) is sharing with us two pieces created by student Elvira Zeta. Elvira’s first piece is the poem we present in its entirety (English translation below; Spanish original attached), while her second (also attached, in both languages) is a composition in which she expresses both her awareness of the how much still needs to be done in the field of inclusive education, and her recognition of the contribution that projects like All Inc! can make. ¡Muchas gracias, Elvira!!

Sometimes I can’t find myself.
A bad thought, a bad look, a bad remark…
It seems that only my shadow wants to understand me and accompany me.

I only know that I like who I am sitting by the sea.
Its transparent water invites me to dream.
It comes and refreshes my feet,
caresses them gently and slowly.
I like the sweetness of its salt water
and its music, which comes and goes with each wave.

So I look up.
In the distance, the sea crashes against the rocks.
It is abrupt, almost scratching, almost biting.
It seems like it wants to scare and suppress me.

But it is the same sea that caresses my feet on the shore.
So I venture into it.
I dive into its depth and swim, feeling the weightlessness slide my hair down my back.
Again, I feel it, sweet and salty.
I feel how I float
And that’s when I close my eyes.
I only hear silence, I almost fly.

Life is sea.
Both when it caresses my feet and when it crashes enraged against the rocks.
Let its transparent water invite you to live.
Let its immensity set you free.
It doesn’t matter that each fish is different, they all seek out for each other.
It does not matter if the sea is calm or there is a storm.
It is still water, it is still LIFE,
Just float and listen to the silence…

There where you are completely you, there it is.

There you will find yourself,
there they will find you.

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

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