Recent activities at UCA

During and after the recent Pride celebration, the UCA team were involved in a handful of events, at some of which our project was made known to a broader community.

You can see Guadalupe (next to the Rector; video 4) and Asunción and Javier (video 2) taking part in this year’s readings of the commemorative manifestoes: link.

As the Director of the Secretariat for International Projects and Networks, Javier organised a meeting for staff from the universities forming the SEA-EU (European University of the Seas) network, which revolved around the question of inclusivity (link). Rafael was invited to brief attendees on the nature and progress of the All Inc! project (link).

Asunción was a guest speaker on the university’s radio special Pride broadcast, where she spoke at length about the important collective work that we do in light of continuing homo- and transphobia: link.

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