29 October 2021: a split Poland

Currently, Poland is a country of dissonance and many contradictions. Friday 29 October saw the Seym* pass the citizen’s legislative initiative “STOP LGBT”, promoted by Kaja Godek on behalf of the Życie I Rodzina (Life and Family) Foundation, for further work. During this session, words were spoken that should never be ignored, because they constitute an attack on human rights — words of hatred, unbecoming of a parliamentary chamber, scientifically unfounded, almost medieval in their reactionarism. Speaking for the Life and Family Foundation, Krzysztof Kasprzak went as far as to compare the LGBT rights movement to the Nazi and communist ideology (link).

On the same day, “Rainbow Friday” was held in schools, to celebrate equality and tolerance. Rainbow Friday in Poland was initiated in 2016 by the Campaign against Homophobia, with the purpose of “showing that LGBT+ youth is accepted in the school environment” (link).

These two situations taking place simultaneously in Poland go to show how divided Poland and its citizens are. 

* Parliament’s lower house.

This post contributed by AllInc!’s Justyna, who also created the original photograph — dziękuję drogi przyjacielu!

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