Findings from the AllInc! Belgium report

In this week’s post, the Belgian team of Tessa, Guy & Oliver offers us a glimpse at the results collected for the project’s report (to be published by the Waxmann imprint; link) — bedankt team!

In the Belgium chapter, we reflect upon the European and Belgian (Flemish) efforts to obtain LGBT+ inclusivity as a society and in the educational environment. In the last twenty years, there has been great progress concerning legal LGB positivity; only in the last five years, awareness about T+ comes gradually to the fore. Schools are primary actors to break and change the heteronormative hegemony in society through LGBT+ sensitive education. Consequently, the chapter scrutinises the sixteen key competences of the latest Flemish education innovation on their LGBT+ (implicit and explicit) inclusive potential. The actualisation and integration hereof depends on the individual school practices. For this reason, we have included a section on the audit inspection which showed mostly the control on the formal (macropolitical) level, while LGBT+ discrimination primarily remains on the micropolitical level. Nevertheless, the extra-curricular organisations and opportunities for professionalisation complement this shortcoming in order to strive for an all-inclusive society and educational environment to the best of its abilities.

These extra-curricular organisations (have a look!) are:

Çavaria (“Standing up for gender and Sexual Diversity”;
Flemish umbrella organisation for advocating LGBT+ rights); link.

WJHN (“Young Not Hetero”); link.

RoSa (“Role and Society”; centre for knowledge of gender and feminism in Brussels); link.

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