We’re just getting started: A celebration of All Inc! in Cádiz

This post is a joint collaboration between All Inc!’s Lotte and Elena — ¡gracias, equipo!

On 25 April, hundreds of pupils, teachers, partners and city representatives headed to the Teatro Moderno in Chiclana, Cádiz. Expectations were high: we were coming together to celebrate the work done during the All Inc! project, and to lay the foundations for further LGBT+ friendly activities in the future. 

As it turns out, pupils know how to celebrate — especially when it really matters. 

A gifted violinist kicked things off, followed by heartfelt stories from teachers and a poetry reading by a group of pupils. A dozen stories, interpreted by a dozen pupils and shared with hundreds more. Much like All Inc!, then! 

The highlight was a video in which LGBT+ students and partners shared their own stories.  While some of the experiences shared were heartbreaking, others were uplifting. All of them illustrated just how important a safe and welcoming school environment is in the life of young LGBT+ people. 

In the Q&A that followed, some of the video’s protagonists joined the moderators on stage. They spoke with characteristic honesty about the important steps taken in school, about the indispensable support of teachers, and about the need for allies —those who support the LGBT+ community— to stand up and speak up. An exceptional conversation, made possible by exceptional pupils.  

To close proceedings, a group of teachers performed live music, much to the joy of everyone present. A happy note, to finish a ceremony that evoked a moving mix of empathy, despair and hope. 

All Inc! comes to a close in August, but this is not the end of the rainbow road for the IES Fernando Quiñones. School administrators, teachers and pupils all expressed their support to continue the work that has been started, and to remain an example for others to follow. 

We thank them wholeheartedly for making the most of our project, and we look forward to what’s next. 

With special thanks to Nuria, Angeles, Rosario and Jorge at IES Fernando Quiñones, and to Susi, Guadalupe, Rosa, Rafa and Javier at the University of Cádiz.

Check the IES Fernando Quiñones’ tweets (1, 2, 3) for more pictures and video.

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